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What's in a Name?

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A name is vitally important.  We put a lot of thought into selecting a child's name, giving someone a nick name, thinking of the proper name you want your child, niece, or nephew to call you like "mom, mommy, ma, dad, daddy, pops, auntie, tee tee, nana, grandma, granny, etc." naming a creative work, or naming a car or a home.  

In selecting a name for this business, I had to remember something my mom (rest her soul) once told me, she said, "pursue your original thought, that is God guiding you."  I remembered that advice after many hours of thinking of names. I went back to my original concept.  

When I was crafting products for gifts during the holidays, I called them Renee's Intimate Escape.  I chose that name in less than 15 minutes because I wanted everyone receiving the gift to escape the stresses of life, have private time at home, and know that it came from me from my heart.  Deciding to formalize the business, I knew I had to make a change.  When I wasn't satisfied with the names I was coming up with, I went back to this thought of Intimate Escape and put more energy into.  I knew that the products would have a spa theme and I knew I wanted everyone to indulge in them every time they used them.  I also wanted the name to appeal to both women and men.  What came from that extensive exercise is I.E. Spa Indulgences LLC.  

i.e. spa indulgences:  i.e. (defined as: that is to say; namely; meaning‚Ķ) I enjoy, I encourage, I engage, Intimate Escape.  Then I began naming the products based on how I wanted customers to feel or experience the products, i.e. rejuvenating, cleansing, nourishing, soothing, luxuriating, balancing, surrendering, calming, enchanting, seductive, energizing, meditating, relaxing, penetrating, clarifying, hydrating, stimulating, awakening, renewing, invigorating, revitalizing, purifying, softening, refreshing, serenity‚Ķ

So now that you have experienced I.E Spa Indulgences, what is your favorite i.e.?