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Summer-Time Fun Bucket List

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The summer is the time of year most look forward to because of the warm weather--the opportunity to remove the heavy clothing we have been wearing all winter--and take time to appreciate the great outdoors with family and friends.  We look forward to engaging in summer activities because they are fun and they give us an opportunity to enjoy time outdoors soaking up the natural vitamin D from the sunshine that our bodies crave. 

It is also during this time, when we expose our bodies to the sun in our maxi dresses, hi-lo dresses, shorts, tank tops, swimsuits, and sandals  It is important, however, to be careful to protect your skin by using sunscreen with the appropriate SPF because it is certainly no fun getting a sunburn!  In the event of a sunburn, try using our Nourishing Body Butter.  Some of our customers have reported that it has been soothing to the skin after a sunburn because of its ingredients--particularly the aloe vera, butters, and oils it contains.

In thinking about what to do this summer, I put together a top 15 summer-time fun bucket list (in no particular order).  Be sure to take your selfies while enjoying yourself!

  1. Go to the beach, pool, or Jacuzzi (there is something so relaxing about being in the water)
  2. Take a vacation or a stay-cation (we don't often tour or vacation in our home city)
  3. Read a new book outdoors (it is always good to expand your mind)
  4. Give a barbecue or attend one (this is a great way to socialize with great food)
  5. Attend a jazz festival, food festival, wine festival, or street fair (the summer is full of them)
  6. Attend an outdoor concert (there are a lot of FREE ones during this time of year!)
  7. Take a walk in the park, along the beach, or by the water (this can be a great way to become one with your thoughts or just enjoy a stroll while listening to your favorite tunes)
  8. Attend a parade (a way to experience different cultures)
  9. Get your workout on! (running, walking, yoga, basketball, tennis, soccer are great things to do outside to give you that exercise we all need) but remember to stay hydrated.
  10. Visit with friends (over dinner and drinks at an outside restaurant and bar or grilling in your backyard while mixing your favorite summer spirit)
  11. Enjoy family time outdoors in your home city--perhaps at an amusement park or water park
  12. Watch the sunset with your favorite person (precious time)
  13. Do something nice for someone else ("it is better to give than receive;" you will obtain so much joy and fulfillment)
  14. Attend an outdoor sporting event (root, root, root, for your home team)
  15. Take time to enjoy life and pamper yourself--it is important--you deserve it (we have products to help you do just that!)

How many of these things can you cross of your summer time bucket list?  What would you add to the list?  Let us know.